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What Does The Low Stress Handling Logo Mean For My Pet?

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

Revive is proud to be Low Stress Handling Certified and practice low stress handling techniques with all our dog and cat clients.

What does low stress handling mean?

Low stress handling means that the individual, Veterinary clinic, or hospital went through training to be able to create an environment that is inviting and that provides a level of care that has your pet pulling you in the building and both of you leaving smiling. Low stress handlers can recognize signs of stress and reduce fear with proper body awareness and approach, appropriate rewards, and alternative handling techniques.

What does low stress handling look like?

In a veterinary clinic setting, there are several key elements to practicing low stress handling.

  • Non-slippery floors, low lighting, and noise-reducing rooms.

  • Separate entrances and rooms for dogs and cats.

  • pheromone sprays, defusers and collards are sometimes used.

  • cubby holes and comfortable bedding

  • Treats, toys, and lots of praise.

  • Time, patience, and more time and patience.

  • sedation is sometimes used to limit fear, anxiety or stress

Coda enjoying a kong during his massage

Low stress handling starts with you!

Fear can start to build in the car and lobby. Having happy car rides and quick happy vet visits can help reduce your pet's anticipation of a bad experience. Ask your veterinary clinic if you can bring your pet by to say hi and get a few treats! These simple but happy experiences can make a huge difference in your pet's willingness to ride in the car and go to the vet.

Your Low stress handling veterinarian may recommend a mild sedative prior to clinic visits.

Talk to your veterinarian about low stress handling techniques for administering medications.

Marley enjoying a car ride

The late and great Sophie Yin

"Dr. Sophie Yin, DVM, CAAB, MS was a veterinarian, animal behaviorist, author, and the creator of Low Stress Handling®.

Through scientific methods, rigorous research and testing, she created the techniques which are the foundations of Low Stress Handling® and are the origins for many modern animal behavior and training programs. To this

day, her methodology has been used in schools and clinics all around the world today, her methodology has been used in schools and clinics worldwide, and her teachings have shaped the new standard of care for veterinary professionals, pet professionals, shelter workers, and pet owners. Dr. Yin passed

away in September of 2014, but through CattleDog Publishing and VIN, the Veterinary Information Network, her work, and legacy lives on." -Cattle Dog Publishing

Why Revive is certified

I received my Low Stress Handling Silver certification in January 2022. Learning from Sophie Yin was such an amazing opportunity and I learned so many amazing new tools to help me better understand my dog and cat client's body language and to be better equipped to work with a dog or cat who is fearful.

Reducing stress and anxiety is one of the many benefits of massage. About 30% of the dogs I see come to me for anxiety or other behavioral issues. Being able to safely and comfortably perform massage on these dogs is truly rewarding and I know my Low Stress Handling training plays a huge role in my success with anxious dogs and cats.

Portland area Low Stress HandlingCertified and Fear Free Certified veterinary facilities:

Low Stress Handling Certified:

Fear Free Certified:

Many other clinics in the Portland area practice fear free or low stress handling but are not currently certified.

My kitty Kevin, enjoying a quiet cubby during our short wait at Guardian Veterinary Care

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